Opinionated is the least you can say about this motley crew: a shot of Vintage Trouble and ZZ Top, great vocals and a rhythm section that would cause cobblestones to churn. Result: a matchless sample of what modern rootsrock sounds like !

What once was GUMBO has now turned into GUMBOGUMBO! Four guys with a passion for true, uncomplicated music. 

A couple of years ago Six and Jack teamed up in Jack's apartment and started jammin' and playing. Apparently, their love for Blues, Hiphop and Rock created a particular sound. It didn't take long before Jan, who played bass in another band with Six back in the days, joined the duo. Some time later Serge The Funky Drummer was added to the company, new songs were written and now, well... they are ready for anything.



SIX (vocals), sang and played in different bands since the age of 16, some local bands, a hiphop formation called Woodsector and ended up in Skeemz, an urban-soul-hiphop band. 

JACK (guitar), a long time Blues aficionado, almost single-handedly responsable for numerous formations in the 3080 area. Cool Jake & The Hot Eskimos, Seven Of Millions, Doptone... just to name a few. 

JAN (bass), another experienced musician, countless bands and projects, used to be in the Skeemz-team with Six, and he's still as multi-functional as a bass player can be.

SERGE (drums), used to be with Jack in Seven Of Millions, loves that funky drummin' and roamed stages with different bands in the Brussels' area.

As you can see... the experience on and off stage of these 4 men combined would at least mean 80 years of stagetime.



The album "Charger" is available through the studio upon request, via iTunes and all other digital stores.

For info and bookings, visit GumboGumbo! @ www.gumbogumbo.be