April 2019: release of the EP "Gimme No"

After Anni Versaire, L’amour sans Pédales and Viel Indien, Alain Louie felt the time had come to do some English songs and release them on an EP titled GIMME NO.

Dandy New York bikers and dream images of football in Brazil. Incorrigible would be bad boys and porn actrices teasing you with Paul Anka’s music. Off to the Balkan, to Elvis psychopaths and the ever young but shy seducer called Bob.

GIMME NO is a political statement: we’ve had it with the endless crap about left, right, top, bottom and center. At the same time, it has the typically Belgian surreal uniqueness of Smokey mama-mia Americano that bears the gift of putting everything in perspective.


Les Talons Gitans is:

Alain Louie (guitar, vocals, percussion, harmonica, organ)
Dirk Lekenne (guitar, backing vocals)
Victor Vermeulen (bass, backing vocals)
Rik Volkaerts (drums)