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May 2019: release of "Mono"

Everbody knows Luk. Probably without realising, because of his contributions to many albums of different artists and bands: BJ Scott, Arno, Neeka, Admiral Freebee, Novastar, The Wolfbanes, Tom Robinson, The Boxcars, The Monalisas, K’s Choice, Big Bill, Les Talons Gitans, Fandango Live, …

Apart from being a multi-musician, Luk is also a gifted songsmith and singer. Due to his technical skills as guitarist and vaste knowledge of many styles, he writes out of the ordinary songs, surpassing patterns and structures.

Luk wanted to release his very own album. Just: Luk de Graaff. But this meant he had to choose among a mountain of songs to end up with just 12. Nothing special there, if it weren’t for the fact that all 12 songs were recorded at home, on an old Tascam 4-track cassette. This explains the title of the album: “Mono”.

Averse to modern studio equipment, plug-ins and expensive mics, the album proves that there is only one thing that really counts: the song. This is special, even more so in a digital world where all sharp edges are filed, rythms are straigthened and vocals auto-tuned.

These jewels are the best demonstration of Luk’s art and feel, and grab you by the throat. Master pieces unknown in their genre, proving that there is no need for technology to stamp your mark. Especially not when you are Luk de Graaff.